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Safety towing in California has experienced and honest drivers that out match the competition. Safety towing also has the latest flatbed trucks that will move your truck or automobile anywhere within the your stalled city area and surrounding cities. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is our mantra.


Safety Towing
Safety Towing

Safety Towing helping our customers on their auto troubles whether it is:

1. Battery not charging
2. Flat Tire change
3. Radiator overheating
4. Running out of gas
5. Ditch recovery
6. Towing vehicle within a 5 mile radius
7. Locked out of your vehicle
8. Motorcycle towing
9. Heavy vehicle towing
10. and much, much more
9 reasons why Safety towing will be the only source for your towing needs.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Si Hablamos Espanol”. We accept all major credit cards.

Keep Safety towing in mind when it comes to safely having your car towed. Not all towing companies have concerns for their customers cars or truck. As a matter of fact, most towing companies have complete disregard, with that in mind, Safety towing should be the first towing company you should call. Our customer service representatives are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days week to help you with your predicament.

When calling Safety towing, here is some helpful advice that you should keep in mind. These tips can be essential when your stranded out in the middle of nowhere and make it easier when you speak with one of our Safety towing reps. These tips are:

1. Where are you stranded? is off the side of a freeway, major street intersection or residential road?
2. Are there any major recognizable businesses such as a McDonald’s, Target or Gas station?
3. Could you read any names on the off ramps, exits, major cross streets or intersection?
4. Is your car running or did you turn your car off?
5. Could you determine if the problem is mechanical, electrical?

These tips can assist our Safety towing phone reps and accurately pinpoint our technicians to quickly assist you with your vehicle troubles.

Call today and get a free quote and the help you need from Safety towing!  (818) 492-9797